A downloadable game for Windows

Story: “Monster Girls have invaded Earth and decimated its entire
population. You and your partner are the last remaining Humans on Earth,
and must survive in this strange new world filled with Monster Girls.
Recruit. Battle, Date, your way to Save Humanity by banishing the
Monster Girls; or doom it by Breeding a whole new species. “

Install instructions

The file is a self extractor, to use;
1. Pick a place where it will be extracted
2. Create a new folder in that location
3. Click extract
4. When finished, you'll be redirected to the folder.
5. Click MonsterxMan.exe
6. ???
7. Profit!


MonsterxMan.exe 901 MB

Development log


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How 'mature' is the game exactly? Looks fun, but I am curious where exactly on a lewd scale it falls.


Got this error. How the hell I K.O this problem? I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Able to download directly,  however unless my app is buggy it doesn't work, much like Auspice brought up. Wasn't able to get the older build through the app either, so I figure I'd mention the quickstart app integration guide. I know a few others that had overlooked it  for integration so if it's something you want to do (or if you've done it and my app is broken, my bad and I apologize) then hope it helps something at some point. Either way, I enjoyed what I played so far, cheers!  https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/quickstart.html 

I can't seem to download/install. It just says "downloading" and then doesn't download anything. Is the link still correct?

You might want to update what the Glitch is saying. I could read it pretty well and, well, she said something about you-know-what tricking you... You really should change it to where it is harder to read because I kinda know what is gonna happen now. T_T

Unless she was just lying. :P

Hi! so I've found a bug, I don't know if it's been reported BUT when fighting the fallen warrior in the baby league I get a popup that says "loading error, failed to load: auio/se/default.ogg". If you close the popup it will popup again a few seconds later until you restart the game.

i cant download the game

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Tell me a little bit more about the problem so I can best help you.

What OS are you using? 
Does it not redirect to a DL page, or does it not DL at all?

Just ran a double check on my end, redirect works and DL works, perhaps it has something to do with your system?
Since its a Gdrive host some OS's (Windows 10) will be leary about DL'ing .exe's higher than a certain amount that don't have certifications. To try and fix this, run your browser in Admin mode (also if Windows 10, do this when opening the .exe installer).

That or it might just be a timing issue on our end (We're constantly updating).

I eventually downloaded it by selecting the download address, right clicked it, and selected open link

Clicking the download button didnt work 

game also doesnt show up in the client as a compatible game

Well the DL is a Self Extracting ZIP file which installs the game via GUI.  (Like I said, getting the OS of your terminal would be super helpful)
If it still is a butt, I might redirect you to the Steam version (which is coming soon!)